California Identity Theft Resources

California Identity Theft Complaints for 2009 were 42,209 according to the Consumer Sentinel Network. The table below shows the California Identity Theft Victim’s Complaint Types based on these 42,209 California ID Theft Victim complaints.

Rank Identity Theft Type Complaints %1
1 California Credit Card Fraud 7,536 18%
2 California Employment Related Fraud 6,979 17%
3 California Gov. Docs or Benefits Fraud 6,020 14%
4 California Phone or Utilities Fraud 5,483 13%
5 California Bank Fraud 4,512 11%
6 California Loan Fraud 1,579 4%
  California Other Identity Theft 10,094 24%
  California Attempted Identity Theft 2,388 6%
1Percentages based on 42,209 California Identity Theft Victims. Complaints may be coded under multiple Identity Theft Types so percentages may add up more than 100%

California Attorney General’s Identity Theft Resources
California AG’s Main Identity Theft Page
California ID Theft Tips for Victims
California ID Theft Registry
California Identity Theft Database Registry Application Process
California Identity Theft Registry Forms

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