Pennsylvania Identity Theft Resources

Pennsylvania Identity Theft Complaints for 2009 were 9,887 according to the Consumer Sentinel Network. The table below shows the Pennsylvania Identity Theft Victim’s Complaint Types based on these 9,887 Pennsylvania ID Theft Victim complaints.

Rank Identity Theft Type Complaints %1
1 Pennsylvania Phone or Utilities Fraud 2,019 20%
2 Pennsylvania Credit Card Fraud 1,951 20%
3 Pennsylvania Govt. Doc.or Benefits Fraud 1,293 13%
4 Pennsylvania Bank Fraud 938 9%
5 Pennsylvania Employment Related Fraud 809 8%
6 Pennsylvania Loan Fraud 331 3%
Pennsylvania Other Identity Theft 2,197 22%
Pennsylvania Attempted Identity Theft 625 6%
1Percentages based on 9,887 Pennsylvania Identity Theft Victims. Complaints may be coded under multiple Identity Theft Types so percentages may add up more than 100%

Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Identity Theft Resources
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Pennsylvania AG How to report Identity Theft in Pennsylvania – Checklist
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Pennsylvania Identity Theft Contact List – Sheriffs, State Police, Credit Bureaus
Identity Theft Affidavit
Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Identity Theft Frequently Asked Questions
Pennsylvania AG List of Consumer and Government Identity Theft Resources

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